Set Up Gallery for SMK Convent Bukit Nanas KL

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SMK Convent Bukit Nanas (CBN) , a school established in 1899 is one of the oldest schools in Malaysia. With almost 120 years , the school is rich with history & has witnessed many achievements in various fields, been producing many admirable talents , is cherished by its students, teachers & alumni alike. There is a need to compile and preserve its historical pieces, showcase its achievements like trophies & memorabilia in a proper place likely to be named The CBN Gallery, within the school compound; for all to visit so as to learn, reflect and appreciate the school’s history and legacy.

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The Project

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Lalynia Binti Mustafa


Kuala Lumpur


Over the years, the school has earned and accumulated many items such as trophies, plaques, photographs, artworks and memorabilia – just to name a few. Some items are so old that requires tender care while some are rare like brass trophies. There are hundreds of such items that are stored in various places around the school such as cabinets in teachers’ meeting rooms, Principal’s office, Pusat Sumber and some had to be boxed in storerooms. Currently, there is no dedicated area to preserve and display all CBN’s historical and treasured pieces. Ideally, the items need to be catalogued in inventory list – possibly with information or description such as its origin so that all items can be better managed and preserved for current CBNers’ and future generation’s reference.


Recently, the school administrators together with PIBG (Parent Teachers’ Association) representatives discovered an underutilised space in school compound that is potential to be turned into a Gallery. Renovating and transforming the identified area (a neglected place within the old school building) requires considerable investment but unfortunately, the school doesn’t have such budget. It is hoped with kind support and funding, the CBN Gallery can be materialiased thereby creating a real dedicated space to house, preserve all the items and enable people to visit, view and learn about CBN’s displayed treasured items.

Target Beneficiary

1) Approx 2,500 CBN community comprising students, teachers and support staff of not only SMK CBN but also CBN primary and neighbouring schools ; who can visit the Gallery to witness , learn and appreciate the heritage; and serving as inspiration to younger generation. 2) The Gallery also can serve as a meeting place for CBN students’ parents, guardians, alumni and other CBN guests 3) Researchers. The displayed items may aid educational purposes such as become object of study for reseachers

Impact Parameters

The availability of the CBN Gallery is thought to bring intangible benefits in the form of preserving CBN’s heritage and legacy thus it’s not really quantifiable. For the lack of other quantifiable approach, we may track visitors’ volume and feedback.

Project Endorsement


1) PIBG / Parents-Teacher Association Committee members & SMK CBN administrators to lead the project 2) SMK CBN community i.e. students, teachers & staff will team up to help clear and organise the space and collate all available CBN historical items 2) Seek assistance and support from ex-students and CBN Alumni members for instance in the endeavour to gather historical information of collated items

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 50,000

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:

DescriptionPrice/Unit (RM)QuantityAmount (RM)
 Dismantling ruins,fixing&wall paintingEstimated Lump sumUnable to specify yet10,000
Air ventilation & new air conditioningEstimated Lump sumUnable to specify yet10,000
Electrical works, wiring &lightingEstimated Lump sumUnable to specify yet20,000
 Repair 2 old attached toilets & new fixturesEstimated Lump sumUnable to specify yet 10,000
Total cost50,000


1) End September 2018 – Finalise Gallery design, procurement process and identify contractor 2) October 2018 – start renovation works e.g. dismantling , wall painting, fixing, etc. 3) 31 December 2018 – Gallery renovation works is expected to be completed

Voting start date: 21/06/2018

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