Support 19 underprivileged children with learning difficulties for 1 year of therapy services

Focus Area


Short Description

Children with special needs require therapies to overcome underlying issues related to sensory dysfunctions, poor motor skills affecting their proprioceptive and vestibular senses i.e.their coordination & balance, causing behavior, cognitive development, motor organisational skills, speech, communication and social problems. These underlying issues need to be treated beforehand in order for the child to be ready for a learning environment or be a part of society. Therapies help them to make sense of the environment, people, situations that these special needs children face on a daily basis.

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The Project

Project Owner

Persatuan Kebajikan Sri Eden Selangor dan Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur


Queues for therapy sessions in public hospitals are very long and frequently cancelled due to high demand by more and more patients being diagnosed with Autism and other disabiltiies. Daily bombardment of everything around them causes overload on their senses, which can be terrifying for them at times. Therapy treatments helps them overcome their lack or overload of their senses making it possible to make sense of the world around them.

Therapies makes it possible to turn their disabilities into capabilities, restoring confidence and hope to face their daily challenges.


SRI EDEN provides each child with occupational therapy at least once a week, or more sessions if needed. Speech Therapy is provided for those with speech and communication problems.

Target Beneficiary

Families from the B40 households, considered as urban poor, can ill afford to pay for private therapies which are very costly and frequency of therapy sessions are needed in order to see good progress. We work closely with these families to ensure they get the eclectic support they need for the benefit of their children.

Impact Parameters

The cries of families who are unable to provide for their special needs children are often suffered silently. If we are not able to help those from the lower socio-economic background, single parents & abandoned children, their conditions will worsen. Their future will be bleak and handling them as they grow into adulthood will be a nightmare. Without the therapy sessions, underlying issues as stated above causes the child to regress and develop into more debilitating conditions, making it even more difficult to ‘normalize’ the child.

As their underlying issues diminish through therapy, the children begins to settle down in terms of focusing, paying attention, cooperativeness and the learning process begins. This prepares the children’s journey towards academic and other learning processes.

Project Endorsement


Sri Eden is registered with Jabatan Kebajikan Malaysia. They strongly supports our work among the disabled community.

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 75000

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:

DescriptionPrice/Unit (RM)QuantityAmount (RM)
Full time Occupational Therapists3,000 p/mth x 12 mths272000
 Part time Speech Therapist250 p/mth x 12 mths1 3000
Total cost75000


July 2018 to June 2019 – 19 children will receive 1 hour of occupational therapy per week. – 3 children will receive 1 hour of speech therapy per month.

Voting start date: 21/06/2018

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