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Poverty Alleviation

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The aim of this project is to guide non traditional income earners, such as housewives and adult students on the proper way to budget their finances, create a working savings and investment plan and to create income generating activities that will increase their household income. The project will be for a ONE YEAR duration with weekly classes held three times every Saturday for two hours per session.

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The Project

Project Owner

Timothy George Kessler




Many households in Malaysia live from hand to mouth, where the income they earn is just sufficient to pay their monthly bills and fixed expenses, with very little to spare. The average household has extremely low savings and would be in dire straits in the event of an emergency where funds are needed. With very little time on their hands, most housewives and adult students do not have the capacity to take on extra part time jobs in order to increase their household income.


The first step is to identify spending current spending activities and work on a household budget that will allow more discipline and transparency in how income within the household is spent. This will be addressed in the first module on “HOUSEHOLD BUDGET 101”. This module is based on the book “THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON” and will allow students to understand how their money is being spent each day and to plug in unnecessary holes where money is draining. The second step is to allocate a portion of their excess income to grow their wealth. This will be addressed in the module “EFFECTIVE USE OF COMPOUNDING INTEREST”. In this module, students will be guided in income allocation and will be introduced to various Financial Tools that will allow them to effectively grow their wealth against inflation. Through proper planning they will be able to not just have an Emergency Fund but also Wealth Accumulation. The third step is to create income generating activities. This will be addressed in two seperate modules: “SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING” and “MAKE MONEY IN YOUR SPARE TIME”. The first module allows anyone currently doing part time activities and home businesses to take advantage of FaceBook and Instagram to increase their current part time earnings.

The second module will introduce students to the many other ways that they can earn income in their spare time without having to expand too much energy, while they focus on their current daily chores and studies.

Target Beneficiary

Non traditional income earners such as housewives and adult students

Impact Parameters

Through proper execution of the contents of these modules, non traditional income earners such as housewives and students will gradually see a steady increase in the wealth that they are able to accumulate. This will for starters create a foundation of funds that will provide them a blanket against emergencies. With steady progress, they will be building on the wealth that they are able to accumulate and create a sustainable source of passive income that will provide them a better standard of living.

Project Endorsement


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Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 45600

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:

DescriptionPrice/Unit (RM)QuantityAmount (RM)
Venue Rental20052 weeks10400
Materials0.0510000 pages4000
Trainer Fees100312 hours31200
Total cost45600


The above is costed at a 52 week duration with three classes per Saturday at 2 hours per class. The first Milestone would be the personal creation of an effective Household Budget by every student. This would be one that is sustainable throughout the daily lives.

The second Milestone would be the creation of an income generating activity by each student that brings in a steady stream of income into the household.

Voting start date: 21/06/2018

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