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United English for Sarawak is actually a project that aims to improve the English proficiency of the students here in Sarawak as a lot of students in Malaysia currently do not have good basic English level and some do not know how to even speak it properly. The importance of English is so great in the world currently that everything is based on English. Hence, it is our responsibility to ensure that the younger generation in Malaysia especially students in the rural areas get the same opportunity to learn English and speak good English as well.

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The Project




1) To improve the English level of students English is an international language that enables people carrying different background and cultures to convey the messages effectively. Global volunteer will teach English through several basic skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. Being able to speak and write proper English could boost up the confidence of these children. In fact, it could equip the children, especially those in remote area the skills for modernization and to be relatable to the outside world.

2) To provide soft skills workshops for students (such as presentation skills, learning styles and Project management etc.) In this project, the global volunteers are given the tasks to carry out several interesting workshops to interact with the native kids. These workshops will be designed with regard to the topics such as teamwork, team management, learning fun and so forth. Through holding mini competition, the idea of beneficial competition will also be introduced. Lastly, topics which are not normally taught in school such as family planning, inbreeding and hygiene will also be introduced.

3) To provide cultural exchange experience and international engagement for students In this project, we aim to bring and introduce the concept of how big the world is to the students as some of them might not have the chances of stepping out from their comfort zone, Malaysia. Through frequent interaction with global volunteers, they would be able to know and experience diverse cultures and traditions of different countries, hence, the goal of cultural sharing would be achieved.

4) To offer a platform for personal development and self-awareness for global volunteer By joining this project, global volunteers would be able to have an insight of understanding the education system in Malaysia and thus mutually benefit from each other by knowing, taking and giving their strengths and weaknesses. Besides, experiencing both rural schools and city schools would definitely enable the global volunteer to realise and appreciate the differences and uniqueness of both sides.

5) To bring the world closer to the tribal and school kids. A very common existing problem in Malaysia is the lacking of awareness of students to reflect on themselves by thinking of how big the world is and how much potentials they have in their own. With the Global Volunteer program, we aim to bring the world closer to the students by providing them a cross-cultural experience. AIESEC believes that students could find the inspiration and fulfil their inner curiosity and potential by having the global volunteers in their daily lives.


1. Basic English Lessons: Exchange participants will be conducting simple English lessons to improves the basic skills.

2. Cultural Workshops: Exchange participants will be conducting cultural exchange classes In these classes, they will share their cultures and traditions with the students.

3. Self-development and Self-awareness Workshop :Three different self-development & self-awareness workshop will be carried out using materials from Destiny’s Odyssey and CFA Institute

4. English Oral and Written Workshops: Exchange Participants will be conducting oral practices and written practices with the students.

Target Beneficiary

The project aims to impact the rural students in Sarawak. We are focusing on this community as they should be given the same English education opportunity as the students in the town areas. English is the most used language in the world and the students needs to be well equipped with it in order to work for their better future.

Impact Parameters


1. Coordinate oral tests The students will be tested orally by the teachers on an English passage and evaluated

2. Coordinate written tests The students will be tested to write a short essay within a given time frame and marked

3. Have a cultural workshop The students will be given first hand exposure towards the culture workshop and will be given a pop quiz by the international volunteer.

Project Endorsement


SMK Marudi: They provide a place for our exchange participants to teach and stay while also providing students.

SMK Mulu: They provide a place for our exchange participants to teach and stay while also providing students.

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 12,200

Describe Needs

  • Transportation to the schools in the rural areas
  • Accommodation
  • Project materials and events


The project will commence on 7th July 2018 till the 19th August 2018. The following are what we require for the project to be a success. 1. To increase the English proficiency of the nation 2. To increase the confidence level of undeserved students in speaking English 3. Students that joined program are able to reach target 4. To increase the literacy level of select students in high school

Voting start date: 28/04/2018

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