Uplift! – Income generation for Orang Asli Villages

Focus Area

Poverty Alleviation

Short Description

I intend to setup a social entreprise to involve the Orang Asli community in eco tourism. This will be an income generation opportunity for Orang Ali communities by training them to host visitors that appreciate nature and the Orang Asli culture. This proposal is to fund a pilot project involving one Orang Asli village in Perak, Ampangan Woh village near Tapah.

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Voting end : 30.06.2018

The Project

Project Owner

Efa Ramona Abd Gani




Some Orang Asli community lacks opportunity to participate in the tourism economy because they lack of skills in dealing with visitors. These skills are trainable and would open up the ability of the community to cater to visitors who appreciate nature and the experience of being immersed in the Orang Asli culure. The skills that are needed by the Orang Asli to take part in tourism are language skills (English), organisation skills and basic financial management. Once those interested are trained to have these skills, and with proper marketing support, they would be able to setup a small business catering to visitors to their villages. Holiday goers seek cultural destinations and also back-to-nature experience but have no access to Orang Asli villages because they are secluded and are often vary of outside visitors.


To develop and provide a platform that helps market Orang Asli villages as eco-tourism destinations to holiday goers, and train Orang Asli families to host visitors and also become tour guides to natural forest and environment near their villages. The objectives of our platform is to be able to provide the tools, resources and training to Orang Asli community in order to build a small business of hosting visitors looking for an experience of living for a few days in their villages. The platform will provide the marketing (Social media ads, media coverage) and technology of handling bookings and connecting visitors to Orang Asli families. We will also provide the basic training to the families that includes: English communication Basic hospitality Basic financial management We are targeting 2 families and 5 people trained in this project. The goal is to provide continuous support and help the families develop a stable operation to be able to host visitors long term.

This is so the families can develop this into a long term source of income. We are building this platform and running a pilot project with a family in Kampung Amapangan Woh, Tapah in between September to November 2018.

Target Beneficiary

For the pilot project, Orang Asli community in Ampangan Woh, Perak.

Impact Parameters

Training of participants No of visitors to the village Income generated

Project Endorsement


The Orang Asli Community of Ampangan Woh, Perak

Project Needs

Type of help needed


Project Cost

RM 15000

Describe Needs

Cost for project as below:

DescriptionPrice/Unit (RM)QuantityAmount (RM)
 Development of website10000110000
Training of participants (logistics, accomodation, meals)200012000
Social media ads for marketing200012000
 Basic supplies for setting up accomodation for visitors for 2 families (pillows, 50021000
Total cost15000


Training of participants no of visitors

Voting start date: 21/06/2018

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